Because of his track record and his Wisconsin values, he has earned the support of more than 89 elected Republican AND Democratic law enforcement officials.

Brad and his wife, Sandi, raise their two daughters in Waukesha County where he has been the District Attorney since 2006.

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    "Law Enforcement's Choice"

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    • “We examined both candidates quite carefully and believe that Brad Schimel will put public safety ahead of politics. We are confident in Brad Schimel’s ability to represent the interests of Wisconsin Law Enforcement.”

      Fraternal Order of Police
    • “Brad Schimel is, without a doubt, the most qualified law enforcement official to become the next Attorney General. Schimel is the tough, but fair prosecutor that Wisconsin needs to serve as the next head of the Department of Justice. Families in our great state will be able to sleep easily knowing that Brad Schimel is hard at work putting unwanted criminals behind bars.”

      Milwaukee Police Association
    • Brad Schimel’s commitment to public safety and nearly 25 years as a frontline prosecutor makes him law enforcement’s choice to serve as our next Attorney General. Many of our members have worked hand-in-hand with Brad, and they know he’s the law enforcement leader we can trust to ensure the Wisconsin Department of Justice focuses on public safety.

      Wisconsin Troopers Association
    • “Brad Schimel has the overwhelming support of 89 elected sheriffs and district attorneys around the state because he has the integrity and experience to tackle Wisconsin’s biggest public safety challenges.”

      Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald, Barron County
    • “As Waukesha County DA Brad demonstrated his knowledge, fairness and dedication to enforcing law. Just as importantly, he has been a real leader on important issues like Heroin/Opiates, domestic violence and human trafficking.”

      Elm Grove Village President, Neil Palmer
    • “Finally, a prosecutor who gets it when it come to sending a different message to convicted felons. When a felon possess a firearm bad things are going to happen because they have demonstrated that they will use it to settle disputes, take property and intimidate. District Attorney Brad Schimel will make the Office of Attorney General a force multiplier in helping me improve the quality of life for Milwaukee County residents.”

      Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr, Milwaukee County
    • “Brad Schimel has the experience and integrity to provide frontline law enforcement the resources needed to fight Wisconsin’s toughest public safety challenges.”

      Police Chief Dave Beal, City of Juneau
    • “Brad’s nearly 25 years in law enforcement have been marked by major accomplishments on cases ranging from homicide to domestic violence to robbery and he has proven he has the experience needed to be Wisconsin’s next Attorney General.”

      Sheriff John Gossage, Brown County
    • “I have only met Brad Schimel a few times, but I am really impressed with his commitment to Wisconsin law enforcement, and that’s why I am supporting him as the next Attorney General.”

      Sheriff Michael Jansen, Oconto County
    • “He’s a strong advocate for justice, a strong advocate for police and I believe he will do an excellent job serving as the Attorney General and giving us the tools that we need in order to do our job”

      Sheriff John Andrews, Pepin County
    • “Brad Schimel has the experience we need in the Attorney General’s office. With more than 150 jury trials and 24 years as a frontline prosecutor, he is the clear choice to be Wisconsin’s next Attorney General.”

      Sheriff Steve Michek, Iowa County
    • “Brad Schimel has a solid record as the Waukesha County District Attorney and has proven his leadership ability early on and with his contented influence with the Drug Treatment Court. Brad is by far the most experienced candidate for the role of Attorney General.”

      Sheriff Jerry Sauve, Marinette County
    • “I’ve had the opportunity to speak with Brad about the more current issues, specifically, the opiate and heroin issues across the state and when it comes to public safety, Brad has much experience in these areas and he’s led the fight against heroin abuse in his home county and I have every confidence that he will continue to do that across the state as the next Attorney General.”

      Sheriff John Shilts, St. Croix County
    • “Brad recognizes the issues that law enforcement is dealing with and the increase in drug trafficking, mainly heroin, and we believe strongly that he will maintain and continue to give us additional tools to deal with that issue.”

      Sheriff John Matz, Winnebago County
    • “Brad Schimel has the experience along with an impressive track record. He has proven he has the experience and drive to be Wisconsin’s next Attorney General.”

      Sheriff Dennis Richards, Columbia County
    • “Brad’s widespread law enforcement support shows he’s the right choice to lead the Department of Justice.”

      Sheriff Kim Gaffney, Marquette County
    • “I have known Brad Schimel for 10 years now and he has shown me that he is the right person, with the right qualifications, to be the tough but fair Attorney General that Wisconsin needs.”

      Sheriff Maury Straub, Ozaukee County
    • “Brad Schimel’s plan to combat the heroin epidemic that our state is facing is why I’m supporting him to be Wisconsin’s next ‘top cop.’”

      Sheriff David Beth, Kenosha County
    • “Brad Schimel has the support of 89 elected sheriffs and district attorneys because he has the integrity and experience to tackle Wisconsin’s biggest public safety challenges.”

      Sheriff Jeff Jaeger, Lincoln County
    • “I believe Brad’s past experience and integrity will serve him well as Attorney General. The same good qualities and work ethic he’s displayed for the last 25 years in the Waukesha District Attorneys office are exactly what Wisconsin needs leading the Department of Justice and Brad Schimel is who the public needs as their next ‘top cop.'”

      Sheriff Terry Dryden, Washburn County
    • “Brad is the only candidate in the race for Attorney General with a plan to combat human trafficking, Internet crimes against children, the hygiene lab backlog, and our state’s heroin epidemic and that is why we need his vision and leadership in the Attorney General’s office.”

      Sheriff Brad Hardel, Waupaca County
    • “I’m happy to join 88 of my peers in law enforcement in endorsing Brad Schimel for Attorney General. Brad will continue to do what’s best in the public interest and protect Wisconsin families.”

      Sheriff Randy Wright, Shawano County
    • “Brad Schimel’s plan to combat Internet crimes against children is why I’m supporting him to be Wisconsin’s next Attorney General.”

      Sheriff Scott Pedley, Lafayette County
    • “Since Brad Schimel announced his candidacy, I have spoken to Brad both in person and by phone several times. I have also spoken to several Sheriffs and others who have worked with him in the past or who are still working with him. Dedication to the rule of law and protecting the rights of the citizens are the strongest qualities necessary to be Wisconsin’s next Attorney General. Everyone that I spoke to about him told me that Brad Schimel has these qualities and more. Brad Schimel has my support, and my vote. He is the right person to be the next Attorney General for the state and the people of Wisconsin.”

      Sheriff Peter Johnson, Polk County
    • “Brad will stand up for you and all Wisconsin families as the next Attorney General.”

      Sheriff Steve Helgeson, La Crosse County
    • “Brad Schimel has the skills and experience to effectively address the criminal behavior which threatens citizens throughout the State of Wisconsin. He will insure the Wisconsin Department of Justice remains a partner and valuable asset to county and municipal law enforcement.”

      Democrat Sheriff Paul Susienka, Bayfield County
    • “The WPPA’s mission is to protect and promote public safety, as well as the interests of the dedicated men and women that serve to provide it. After closely considering the candidates in this critical election, our board of elected officers from all across the state determined that Brad Schimel is the most qualified to serve as Wisconsin’s top law enforcement officer and promote public safety.  Frankly, his experience and leadership are second to none, and we are proud to join the bipartisan ranks of law enforcement groups that are supporting his campaign.”

      Jim Palmer, WPPA Executive Director
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    More than 80 Law Enforcement Officials Trust Brad to Lead

    Brad's experience as a District Attorney has caught the attention and earned the respect of Sheriffs and District Attorneys from around Wisconsin. As a prosecutor who has conducted more than 150 jury trials, from First Degree Homicide to traffic offenses, Brad will protect the integrity of a safe and secure Wisconsin. Endorsements

    About Brad

    Brad Schimel is a career, frontline prosecutor first elected Waukesha County District Attorney in 2006, and he has been re-elected ever since. Brad has conducted more than 150 Jury trials ranging from First Degree Intentional Homicide to traffic offenses. In fact, Brad was awarded the 2006 Wisconsin Association of Victim and Witness Professionals "Wisconsin Professional of the Year" for his work on behalf of victims of sexual assault.

    Brad and his wife, Sandi, have two daughters, ages 10 and 12, a rescue dog and two rescue cats. In his "spare" time, Brad plays bass in the classic rock band "4 On the Floor" and is a Harley-Davidson enthusiast and served seven years as a Road Captain for the Kettle Moraine Chapter-Harley Owners' Group.
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