“400,000 pounds of unused medications have been safely incinerated — that’s 19 semi trucks full”

-Brad Schimel

Enforcing the Rule of Law

In 2014, Brad’s experience as a District Attorney caught the attention and earned the respect of Sheriffs and District Attorneys from around Wisconsin. As a prosecutor who has conducted more than 150 jury trials, from First Degree Homicide to traffic offenses, and today as Attorney General, Brad protects the integrity of a safe and secure Wisconsin.

Tough. Fair. Independent.

“I have kept my promise to enforce the rule of law and make Wisconsin safer and stronger.”

-Brad Schimel

Since 2015, he has led the department of Justice with 30 years of frontline prosecution experience.

In the fight against Heroin and opioid abuse, drug dealers and violent offenders are behind bars.

Crime victims have a voice, and Brad Schimel is listening. He is advocating for those most vulnerable — stopping elder abuse, human trafficking, and sexual assault wherever he can.

As the state’s Top Cop, he proudly backs the badge to support the brave men and women who keep our streets safe every day.

Brad Schimel is a tough, fair, independent career prosecutor defending the Rule of Law in Madison.


Attorney General Schimel Officially Launches Re-Election Campaign

Attorney General Schimel Officially Launches Re-Election Campaign

“As a nearly 30-year prosecutor and Wisconsin’s Attorney General I’ve been on the front lines in the battle against opioid and drug abuse, human trafficking and killing over-reaching regulations that thwart job growth,” Schimel said. “During my time as Attorney General I’ve pushed for harsher penalties for violent and career criminals and will continue to be a tough, fair and independent voice for Wisconsin families.”

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Meet Brad

Brad Schimel was elected Wisconsin Attorney General on November 4, 2014, winning an overwhelming majority of Wisconsin’s 72 counties. Since taking office in January 2015, Schimel has prioritized fighting the opioid epidemic, human trafficking, and elder abuse.


This grassroots-fueled campaign relies on generous contributions from a diverse base of supporters across the state. They help share our message on social media, print literature and yard signs, and promote our message of a strong Wisconsin where families are safe, businesses can thrive, and law enforcement has the resources it needs.

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Time and again Wisconsin voters have chosen the Rule of Law over partisan politics, and it will take a huge effort to protect those major victories in November. Every contribution counts, from making phone calls or dropping literature. Sign up to join the campaign and make a difference.

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