Brad discusses the new School Safety Grant and how its impact will help in taking steps to improve school safety, as well as explores the goal to eliminate Obamacare once and for all.

We’ve collected over 400,000 pounds of unused medications that have been safely incinerated — that’s 19 semi trucks full. Watch the highlights from our press conference on May 30th.

Brad talks with Steve to announce that all sexual assault kits have been sent in for testing, and discusses his efforts in ending the opioid epidemic.

The opioid crisis impacts families, friends, and neighbors in every corner of the state, but we have not relented and will persist in our efforts to end this epidemic.

Brad discussed the $100 million now up for grabs for school safety improvements.

Watch this story of how smart regulating by the Department of Justice and negotiation led to a big benefit for Wausau — and across Wisconsin.

Watch Brad’s official re-election campaign kickoff video.

Brad appears on Fox News to discuss the 20-state lawsuit to rule the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate unconstitutional.

A look at the fight against heroin and methamphetamine abuse and how it’s spread across the state.

Two years in, a look at the progress we’ve made at Department of Justice.

Press Releases

Attorney General Schimel Officially Launches Re-Election Campaign

Attorney General Schimel Officially Launches Re-Election Campaign

“As a nearly 30-year prosecutor and Wisconsin’s Attorney General I’ve been on the front lines in the battle against opioid and drug abuse, human trafficking and killing over-reaching regulations that thwart job growth,” Schimel said. “During my time as Attorney General I’ve pushed for harsher penalties for violent and career criminals and will continue to be a tough, fair and independent voice for Wisconsin families.”

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