Breaking News: Pro-Happ Smear Group Forced to Pull Lie Filled Ad

[WAUKESHA …] Earlier today television stations in several Wisconsin media markets were put on notice that a group supporting Susan Happ for attorney general was airing a lie-filled ad on their airwaves.  A lawyer representing Brad Schimel notified the stations of the lies within the ad and demanded the ad be pulled.

This afternoon we received confirmation from three stations that the Committee for Justice and Fairness would be pulling the ad and substituting a newly produced one.

“Susan Happ’s allies were caught in a lie,” said Schimel campaign manager Johnny Koremenos. “We’re glad one station has confirmed that those lies will not be airing and we look forward to hearing similar news from other stations as well.”

There are several factual errors in the spot. In a letter from campaign attorney Jim Troupis, television stations in several Wisconsin media markets were specifically warned about a lie about one case:

“We demand that you immediately cease broadcasting that false advertisement. Given the shortness of time to the statewide election for Attorney General any delay on your part will constitute an unequivocal act of actual malice on your part, and in order to avoid any confusion that your broadcast is made with knowledge that the factual assertion is false and that your actions would be in reckless disregard for the truth or falsity of the advertisement (See New York Times v. Sullivan, 376 U.S. 254 (1964)) we provide the following indisputable facts:

  • The advertisement by the Committee states, in part, “Schimel even cut a deal with no jail time for a man who sexually assaulted a child.” The support cited for this claim is State v. Nicholas Miller, 07 CF 1176 (Waukesha County) (“Miller Case”).
  • The Miller Case involved, in part, charges of 4th Degree Sexual Assault and Sex with Child Age 16 or Older. Mr. Miller plead guilty to two of the charges in the case. He was sentenced to 6 months jail (which he served) and 3 years of probation with strict conditions. He later violated the conditions of probation and served an additional 1 year in jail. [Attached as Exhibits are the Official Court Documents].”

“Susan Happ’s team is desperate. They are shameless and they are lying,” said Koremenos. “Wisconsin voters deserve an honest debate not this garbage from Susan Happ’s allies.”