Farrow: Happ/Lautenschlager Owe Victim an Apology

“I’m appalled by their tactics to attack the victim.”

Margaret Farrow, Wisconsin’s first female Lt. Governor, is an advisor to the Brad Schimel campaign. This morning she issued the following statement:

“The Schimel campaign has been asked by numerous reporters to comment on the latest news regarding Susan Happ and a $180,000 real estate deal she entered into with an alleged child molester and a subsequent plea deal he received from her office. Our initial response was to express sympathy for the victim.

“However, the new attacks on the victim leveled by Happ’s supporter, Peg Lautenschlager, deserve a response. Susan Happ and her team have reached a new low by dragging this woman, the victim, through the mud and trashing her character by calling into question her motives and statement detailing her alleged sexual assault as a child.

“For the record, Daniel Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel first asked the Schimel campaign for comment about the financially attractive real estate deal Happ and her husband had with an individual who subsequently was charged under her jurisdiction with molestation of a child. What else is going to come to light in Susan Happ’s record that will question her ability to be the next Attorney General?

“Happ and Lautenschlager should be embarrassed for even suggesting the tragedy of a child sexual assault case is a political stunt. I’m appalled by their tactics to attack the victim. And as a mother and grandmother, I’m outraged that they would so callously degrade someone who as a young girl was sexually assaulted.

“Susan Happ and Peg Lautenschlager need to publicly apologize to the victim. And Happ owes her present constituents and the people of the state of Wisconsin the absolute truth. If Susan Happ is not willing to stop hiding behind assistants and spokespersons, her mouth piece, Peg Lautenschlager, acting on behalf of the candidate, owes Wisconsin voters the full truth, not an illusion of the truth painted by excuses.