“We Know the Real Brad Schimel”

Our Attorney General Launches New Television Commercial, “Wisconsin,” Featuring the Women Who Know Brad Schimel Best

[WAUKESHA, Wis…] The campaign for Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel began running a new television commercial over the weekend.

The positive commercial features more than 75 women, ranging in age from 23 to 83, who volunteered to explain how they know and trust Our Attorney General, Brad Schimel. They include women from all walks of life who have worked, volunteered, served and worshiped with Brad Schimel, a lifelong resident of Wisconsin.

Sandi Schimel, wife of Our Attorney General, opens the spot by saying, “We know the real Brad Schimel.”

The commercial highlights Schimel’s record of service and his commitment to improving public safety in Wisconsin. It touts Schimel’s work combating the opioid crisis, internet crimes against children, and sexual assault. It also highlights Brad Schimel’s widespread, bipartisan support across Wisconsin.

The spot provides a stark contrast to the increasingly negative and desperate campaign of Madison Activist Josh Kaul. Kaul, who has only spent four years of his adult life in Wisconsin, has never prosecuted a criminal case in Wisconsin, not one ever. He has no experience improving public safety here and has relied on support from fringe partisan activists in Madison and his network of fellow activists on the East and West Coasts.

“This commercial is strong and features dozens of strong women who know that Brad Schimel is the right choice to keep Wisconsin safer and stronger,” said Schimel campaign manager Johnny Koremenos. “Brad Schimel’s lifetime commitment to Wisconsin cannot be matched by the inexperienced, out-of-the-mainstream Josh Kaul.”

The ad is running statewide on cable and broadcast television and online.

Brad Schimel became a prosecutor in the Waukesha County District Attorney’s office after serving as an intern there during law school. Throughout his nearly 25-year career in Waukesha, the largest portion of which was spent in the sensitive crimes unit, Brad Schimel earned a reputation as an aggressive and tough prosecutor, handling thousands of cases and more than 150 jury trials. Schimel’s caseload included elder abuse, human trafficking, homicide, sexual assault, drunk driving, internet crimes against children, public corruption, and one of the nation’s first sextortion cases.

Schimel faces activist Josh Kaul in the General Election. Whereas Brad Schimel has a nearly three decades long, distinguished career as a prosecutor in this state, Josh Kaul has never prosecuted a criminal case in Wisconsin. Not one, ever. Whereas Schimel has extensive, bipartisan coalition of Wisconsin supporters, Kaul is funded and supported by state and national partisan activists.

As Attorney General, Shimel has also prioritized preventing Internet crimes against children and violence against women. Under Schimel, Wisconsin is a national leader in the fight against human trafficking. Together with a coalition of Attorneys General from across the country, Brad Schimel has led numerous lawsuits challenging overreach by the federal government that would cripple the economy and hurt Wisconsin families.

Brad Schimel’s determined, yet compassionate, record on criminal justice has earned him the support of 64 of Wisconsin’s 72 sheriffs and 48 of Wisconsin’s 71 district attorneys, including 20 elected Democrats who appreciate the breadth, depth, and nonpartisan nature of the Republican Attorney General’s experience.

Brad and his wife, Sandi, raise their two daughters in Waukesha County where Brad previously served as a prosecutor since 1990, including eight years as the elected District Attorney. He was elected Wisconsin Attorney General in 2014.

Script and Fact Check – Brad Schimel for Attorney General
:30 Television Commercial
Statewide on Cable, Broadcast and Online

This spot features more than 75 women, ranging in age from 23 to 83, who volunteered to explain how they know and trust Our Attorney General, Brad Schimel.

We know the real Brad Schimel. (1)
We’ve worked with him.
Gone to church with him. (2)
We’ve seen him work hard to keep our communities safe. (3)
We trust Brad Schimel.
Brad Schimel is leading the fight against Opioid Abuse. (4)
He’s catching internet predators who prey on our children. (5)
Brad Schimel eliminated the rape kit backlog. (6)
He has bipartisan support all across Wisconsin. (7)
We trust his experience. He gets results! (8)
We’re glad Brad Schimel is our Attorney General.

1 – Brad served as an Assistant District Attorney in Waukesha from 1989-2006. From 2007-2015 he was the Waukesha County District Attorney. He was elected Attorney General of Wisconsin in 2014. Throughout his career, Brad Schimel has served on and led dozens of charitable boards that serve Waukesha and the State of Wisconsin.

2 – Brad is a member of St. Anthony on the Lake Parish in Pewaukee. He previously attended St. William Parish in Waukesha.

3 – Brad Schimel worked with the Wisconsin State Legislature to pass a law that sets a criminal negligence standard by offering greater protection for neglected children, especially those suffering from emotional harm, or those whose neglect results in sexual assault, being trafficked for sex, and other horrific acts.
– Brad Schimel launched Safe at Home, a statewide address confidentiality program that provides victims of domestic abuse, child abuse, sexual abuse, stalking, and trafficking, and those who fear for their physical safety with a legal substitute address and free mail forwarding service.
– Brad Schimel has partnered with businesses and entire industries, such as the trucking industry, to engage members of the workforce who are in the position to recognize and report human trafficking as part of their everyday jobs. Brad Schimel is responsible for more than 3,200 people being trained in human trafficking prevention.
– Brad Schimel worked with the Wisconsin State Legislature to pass the Sexual Assault Victim Amnesty law, which prevents law enforcement from issuing a citation to an underage victim of sexual assault, or anyone who is present with the victim, when he or she seeks the assistance of emergency medical personnel. This law applies statewide, but these circumstances frequently occur on college campuses.

4 – The award-winning Dose of Reality public awareness campaign to prevent prescription opioid abuse has been adopted by six states, Maine, Minnesota, Nebraska, Georgia, Arkansas, and Texas. Attorney General
– Schimel has twice been featured at the National Prescription Drug Abuse and Heroin Summit in Atlanta, GA.
– Attorney General Schimel’s team helped the National Association of Attorneys General develop a training curriculum on prescription opioid abuse, and has presented at more than a dozen national opioid trainings and conferences for law enforcement, prosecutors, assistant attorneys general, and public health officials.
– In 2016, Attorney General Schimel convened an opioid abuse conference in Milwaukee that was attended by attorneys general and attorney general staff from across the country.

5 – Brad Schimel has personally convicted hundreds of child predators and put them behind bars.
– As Waukesha County District Attorney, Brad Schimel saw first hand the damage done to abused and neglected children, which led him to help create Wisconsin’s first full service child advocacy center in Waukesha.
– The largest part of Brad Schimel’s 24-year career as a frontline prosecutor has been spent in the Sensitive Crimes Unit, which handles sexual assault and child abuse and neglect cases.
– As Attorney General, Brad Schimel worked with the Wisconsin State Legislature to pass Alicia’s Law, which created an administrative subpoena process that expedites the procedure for finding the location of suspected internet sex predators and provides additional funding to the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task force. In 2017 alone, ICAC made 537 arrests and served 856 warrants.

6 – https://www.doj.state.wi.us/news-releases/ag-schimel-announces-testing-completed-sexual-assault-kits-0

7 – Brad Schimel has been endorsed by 51 Republican Sheriffs, 13 Democratic Sheriffs, 39 Republican District Attorneys, 7 Democratic District Attorneys and 2 Independent District Attorneys

8 – Brad Schimel was entrusted by a bipartisan group of Wisconsin State Legislators with the management of a $100 million school safety program that includes both physical improvements, like door locks and shatter resistant glass, and training for all full-time teachers, aides, counselors, and administrators in Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE), Trauma Informed Care/Trauma Sensitive Schools (TIC/TSS), and Adolescent Mental Health.
– Brad Schimel led a multi-jurisdictional agreement between the Milwaukee Mayor, Milwaukee District Attorney, Milwaukee Police Department, and Department of Corrections, which has resulted in additional resources for gun crime investigations and prosecutions in the city of Milwaukee.
– Two highly-skilled Assistant Attorneys General have prosecuted more than 150 gun crimes over the last three years, with an average sentence of 10 years per criminal.
– Brad Schimel hired the State’s first statewide Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE), increased the training requirement from 40 hours to 46 hours, reduced the price of training from $600 to $100 dollars, and trained hundreds of new SANEs in Wisconsin.