You may have heard about the latest statewide poll by Marquette University’s Law School which shows that I have a lead over my opponent. I guess I’d rather be up than down at this point but the only poll that matters is the election night tally.

About the Poll

I’m happy that 48 percent of likely Wisconsin voters understand the good work our team is doing to improve public safety in Wisconsin. Our nationally-recognized leadership in the fight against opioid abuse is clearly also appreciated here at home. From the Dose of Reality prevention campaign to our best-in-the-country drug take-back program, Wisconsinites are coming together and making a difference. I’m also pleased that those surveyed are responding favorably to the fact we’ve eliminated the problem of untested sexual assault kits that have plagued the state for decades. Nearly three decades in the making and the problem was solved in our first term! However, as we continue to push for justice for survivors of sexual assault, we have more work to do. Which is why we’re running for the honor and privilege to be your Attorney General for another term.

A Look Ahead

Let me get to the point, I know what the next 49 days have in store for us. I expect to be the target of a relentless wave of negative and false attacks on radio, television, online, on your phones and in your mailbox. You see, because he recently moved to Wisconsin from the East Coast, not a lot of people know who my opponent even is. He doesn’t have much of a presence online and he hasn’t done many public appearances outside of Madison and Milwaukee. It’s clear my opponent and his allies have but one strategy: Spend millions of dollars on television and elsewhere in the next month and a half to demonize me and paint a false picture of the great work being done by your Department of Justice.

They aren’t going to try to prop him up. They’re going to try to tear me down.

But, together, we can ward off the challenge. We have done great things before, and we can again this fall. Don’t be complacent, our race is not over. In fact, don’t feel that any race on the ballot this fall is a foregone conclusion. Forty-nine days is an eternity on the campaign trail. If we continue to spread the message through our own personal networks and rally the troops as we have in the past, we can win. If we sit on the sidelines, others will determine what happens to us. I know I can count on you to continue to work for what’s right.

What This Means

My approach to my job and this campaign doesn’t change with the release of a public opinion poll. My experiences and my faith guide my approach as a public servant. At DOJ, we are part of a team. We work closely with local law enforcement leaders to help them keep Wisconsin families safe, and I am running for re-election to continue to have the honor to serve all of Wisconsin. I take the same approach to the campaign. I’m so very appreciative of all of you on my team who continue to support our efforts.

I take nothing for granted. This race is not over. In many ways, it has just started.

I am proud to be law enforcement’s choice for Attorney General and I’m working hard, every day, to earn the support of public safety-minded Wisconsinites across all 72 counties.

Keep moving ahead!