Josh Kaul Supporters Caught Lying in Million Dollar Campaign

Television Stations Called to Pull Down Commercial Containing Malicious Factual Errors

[WAUKESHA COUNTY…] Out-of-state supporters of Josh Kaul are peddling lies on television and computer screens across Wisconsin and stations here have been alerted to not air a commercial that is permeated with factual errors.

“Desperate and sad pro-Josh Kaul forces have resorted to lying about Attorney General Brad Schimel’s record, and Wisconsin voters deserve the truth,” said Johnny Koremenos, Schimel campaign manager. “TV stations aren’t required to fact-check political ads, but when they’re alerted that a commercial contains demonstrable lies, they are required to stop airing them.”

At issue is a commercial run by the People’s Lawyer Project, a shadowy out-of-state group funded by the Democratic Attorneys General Association.

The advertisement contains several demonstrable lies, including referring to a phantom plea deal that never happened and attributing cases to Brad Schimel which were not his.

In a letter to television stations, Kathryn Sawyer Gutenkunst and Matthew Fernholz, Waukesha County attorneys with Cramer, Multhauf & Hammes, LLP, write: “Your continued rebroadcast of this false material could impact not only the outcome of the election, but more importantly, the victims of the above-mentioned cases, who have now suffered, yet again, by DAGA’s false and malicious statements. In addition to your legal obligations, you must consider your moral obligation to those victims, as well as the public at large.”

The DAGA-sponsored lies began running statewide on Tuesday. According to media reports, the group planned on spending $800,000 to spread those lies.

“Brad Schimel is a champion for survivors of sexual assault and has spent years winning cases and convicting rapists and predators, while Josh Kaul has never won a single conviction in a sexual assault case,” said Koremenos. “Moreover, Brad Schimel is a national leader in training law enforcement and prosecutors the process of trauma-informed investigations and prosecutions.”

The Schimel campaign sent the letter to television stations Wednesday and anticipates their immediate compliance with the request to stop running the spots.

“Wisconsin television stations understand the law and their obligation to the truth,” said Koremenos. “They’ve pulled demonstrably inaccurate commercials in the past and we expect them to do so in this instance as well.”

Koremenos said perpetuating these lies are the latest in a series of desperate moves by Josh Kaul and his supporters and he anticipates their desperation will backfire.

“Josh Kaul is the most inexperienced major party candidate for Attorney General in Wisconsin’s history,” said Koremenos. “To hide his deficiencies, his supporters have resorted to lying to the people of Wisconsin and we won’t tolerate that.”

Example of letter sent to TV stations