We Know the Real Brad Schimel

Real women tell the real story of Brad Schimel. Anyone can talk a good game, but Brad Schimel is a real prosecutor. He gets results that keep Wisconsin safer and stronger.

He’s Law Enforcement’s Choice.

Because of his leadership in the fight against opioid abuse, Brad has an unprecedented level of bipartisan law enforcement support.

He’s a Real Prosecutor.

Brad Schimel is a proven prosecutor who gets results. He solved a problem that built over twenty years because he puts public safety first. His opponent has not worked with survivors of sexual abuse and has never convicted a rapist.

Brad Pursues Justice–and Wins.

Brad Schimel is the right call. His opponent, that’s a bad Kaul. See why.

He’s Tough, Fair, Independent.

Brad Schimel is a prosecutor, not a politician. He puts public safety and people first. That’s why he’s built overwhelming bipartisan support all across Wisconsin.

Protecting kids.

Brad Schimel has used innovation and colaboration to help protect Wisconsin kids.

Josh Kaul? Zero Convictions

Unprepared and unqualified.

Schimel Leads the Way.

Under Brad Schimel, Wisconsin has become a national model in the comprehensive and collaborative fight against opioids abuse.